Total ECOchallenge: A Partnership With the People

Total Ecochallenge

Total ECOchallenge begun in 2003 with the main aim of helping the society reverse the trend and threat of deforestation. The program is a partnership of stakeholders in the society (schools and institutions, government, individuals, corporate, NGO’s SACCO’s, welfare groups to mention a few) for the environment.


As a matter of fact, people impact the environment and the environment impacts people, because of this interchangeable need for existence between man and environment. Total Kenya has endeavored to take a key role in the preservation of the environment through The TOTAL ECOChallenge program.


TOTAL ECOchallenge strives to help sustain the environment by bringing people and organizations together to plant trees. The aim is to plant more than 100 million trees per year, every year, and in perpetuity and it is a major national platform for encouraging, guiding, recognizing, rewarding and further driving tree planting of every kind, by everyone, everywhere. So far, Total ECOchallenge has 5000 projects and has facilitated the planting of 600 million trees since the program begun. In the last 5 years we have comfortably plated over 100 million trees per year; a commendable effort but still a long shot considering, Kenya needs to plant over 10 Billion trees over the next 70 years. The goal is achievable but only through partnership, common effort, commitment and passion for the environment. Total ECOchallenge seeks to bridge this requirement and bring together people under a common umbrella.


Total ECOchallenge is based on the following core principles of sustainable development:

  • It is a campaign for the people and for the people
  • It understands the realities and is wholly practical
  • It is market driven and business viable  
  • It ensures that access to the opportunity and benefits are universal