Internship and Management Trainee



Total Kenya is an equal opportunity employer which recognizes the importance of Industrial Attachments for students in institutions of higher learning. We aim to nurture talents by making contact with top level students as part of our strategy in securing high caliber potential employees (Young Professionals’ Development). We build partnerships with institutions of higher learning in fulfilling our corporate social responsibility of harmonizing the educational curriculum with industrial expectations. Above all, we offer industrial experience to students in the following business lines: -

  • Marketing (including communications)
  • Engineering
  • Human Resources
  • Finance
  • Procurement
  • Information Technology

For more details on our internship program and to submit your application, contact the Dean/Principal of your Institution or send your unsolicited application to

Total Kenya Management Trainee

For Total Kenya to become and remain the foremost company in a highly competitive market, the company must outperform all its competitors, all the time. This will only happen when we have highly creative, competitive, exceptionally bright and talented people to run the business. Individuals who are great leaders. Leaders who can lead others and the business through the exploitation of maximum potential and maximum utilization of talent.

Our ambition and wider scope demand that we recruit fresh and young graduate trainees from universities with new theories, knowledge, fresh minds and energy to inject into the business. Although management trainees recruited in Total Kenya usually have time to work within TOTAL locally, there are also opportunities to move to different nations, where TOTAL has a footprint, so as to enable transfer of ideas, knowledge and skills and expertise in order to spread innovations and efficiency throughout our operations of Total Group. This gives the management trainees a global outlook to the Total group worldwide.

TOTAL believes young people are capable of taking our business to the next level.

Graduate Trainee Program 2018: Apply here

"Total is an equal opportunity employer."