General Trading

Mobile General Trading

Total Kenya’s General Trading section is the specialized section that deals with corporate energy solutions ranging from commercial and industrial fuels for use in the transport, industrial, commercial power generation and mining sectors. We mainly supply the following products to our customers; include diesel, kerosene, super petrol, industrial diesel oil, heavy fuel oil, lubricants, LPG, asphalt and special fluids. The products are available from all our depots in Mombasa, Nairobi, Nakuru, Kisumu and Eldoret.


We are also able to provide solutions for customers like loaned storage and dispensing equipment, product knowledge training, consignment inventory management, credit risk appraisals, dedicated sales team, fuel consumption advice etc

Total Kenya General Trade Fuel products

·        White Products : Super Petrol, Kerosene and Diesel.

·         Black Products : Industrial Diesel Oil (IDO)and Heavy Fuel Oil 180cst

·         Bitumen and emulsions



Bitumen is a black, thermoplastic product which has a viscosity that varies with temperature. Bitumen is solid at ambient temperatures, but when heated at a temperature higher than 120°C, it can be pumped, carried and used. Bitumen is obtained by the refining of selected crude oil, pure or modified, fluxed or emulsified; its properties of adhesivity, cohesion, elasticity, waterproofing and its rheological properties make it a perfect material for road construction and industrial applications.

Total Kenya brings innovative solutions not only for the durability of the works but also considering the major societal and environmental stakes. Our package offering has been developed to suit the supply needs of all the petroleum products requested by the big road construction projects. We are able to supply a large range of bitumous products from the emulsions/cutbacks to the straight bitumens to suit our customers’ demands that will complete our lubricants and fuels.


Bitumen Products

At Total Kenya, we offer two different types of Bitumen products:

1.    CUTBACKS : Bitumen made fluid by dilution with a petroleum solvent

MC-30: Prime Precoat
MC-70: Prime 

2.    EMULSIONS : Bitumen dispersed in water with the help of an emulsifier

Anionic Emulsions: 
A1-60: Surface dressing Tack coat 
A4, A3:Precoat, Slurry seal Fine cold mix, Tack coat 
Cationic Emulsions:
1-60: Surface dressing Tack coat 
K1-70: Surface dressing Tack coat
K3: Slurry and Fog seals Precoat, Fine cold mix Tack coat, Prime 
K3 Special: Slurry and Fog seals Precoat, Fine cold mix Tack coat, Prime