Corporate and Bulk Solutions

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Total Kenya has played an instrumental role Kenya's economy through the provision of energy solutions for industries and consumers. For over 50 years Total Kenya has been a key supplier of bulk fuels, LPG, lubricants and bitument. These products are supplied to companies in the following industries:

  • Mining and construction
  • Manufacturing 
  • Fleet and Transportation
  • Agriculture


Total Kenya benefits from a wide distribution network that comprises over 174 service stations and 10 depots in Mombasa, Nairobi, Eldoret, Nakuru and Kisumu. The placement and existence of these infrastructures have guaranteed efficient and quick supply of product to our customers in different parts of the country irrespective of their geographical location. We have also beefed this advantage by recruiting bulk transport services who enable us deliver products to customers as per request. Our transporters are guided under a strict safety and integrity policy. Customers can also do own collection of product from out outlets.