Bonjour Shops Services and Products


Bonjour. This is the French customary greeting means "Good day" that has been adopted as a global TOTAL offering for a high and consistent level of professional customer service. Total Bonjour Shops, therefore, offer a variety of products; Total lubricants, car care products, Total Sola other product ranges from different brands and suppliers like fast food services, confectionaries, consumables as well beverages. This set up has ensured that Total Stations are a one-stop-shop for the traveler or station visitor who wants to fuel, rejuvenate or grab something on his/her way home. Convenience for the customer is the riding philosophy. 


Bonjour Shop Offering

  • Cafe Bonjour - customers can grab food snacks, a meal and coffee
  • Beverages - A variety of beverages of different types (milk, yoghurt, soda and many others)
  • Snacks and confectionaries - Packaged snacks and confectionaries from different brands 
  • Meal and fast food services from different suppliers - Kenchic, Steers, Debonairs, Chomazone
  • Car care products for maintenance, performance, protection and comfort e.g cockpit shine, car perfume, car shampoo, engine treatments, radiator sealant and cleaner, cockpit cleaner and many others.