Totalgaz Uses

Uses of Totalgaz

Because of its nature (portability, controlability, reliability, cleanliness, safety) LPG is used as an alternative fuel to electricity, kerosene and wood/solid fuels. Its uses are characterised into Domestic/Residential uses, Agricultural uses, Commercial uses, mining and Industrial uses. 


Domestic/Residential Uses of LPG 

Totalgaz is the most flexible and versatile fuel for cooking, heating, lighting and grilling. Totalgaz strives to provide cleaner and cheaper energy for all your domestic energy needs. Domestic uses of Totalgaz are:

  • Cooking - LPG provides instant and efficient flame which makes cooking easy, enjoyable and clean. It doesn't leave utensils with soot and food with a smell. Totalgaz is available in 3kg, 6kg, 13kg, 22.5kg and 50kg cylinder packages. 
  • Heating - LPG can be used for heating in cold weather through the use of the LPG fire place. It is best known for producing efficient heat and not producing sparks or residue. 
  • Lighting - LPG lantern, which is available in Total stations, has prooven to be one of the most reliable and practical source of out door and indoor lighting. LPG lighting is also known for its repellent effect on insects. 
  • Barbecue - Why struggle with the charcoal Jiko grill when there is an LPG barbecue grill? The LPG barbecue grill is simple, safe, easy to use, portable and clean. It clearly gives a new satisfying experience to the art barbecue grill cooking. 


Commercial uses of LPG 

  • LPG is used in many commercial applications and has proven to be ideal and economical for cooking and cooling equipments like space heaters and boilers. LPG offers economic and environmental benefits over the use of oil, wood fuel or electricity. For commercial purposes LPG is either supplied in cylinders (13kg, 22.5kg or 50kg) or through the tank installations. The tanks can be installed either above the ground or below the ground. Common commercial uses of LPG in Kenya are:
  • Heating - factories, warehouses, showrooms, or industrial units. It is preferred because of its quick response and specific directional heating. 
  • Refrigiration - LPG is mainly used cold storage facilities because it provides a non pollutant atmosphere which keeps foods fresh. 
  • Air conditioning 
  • Clothe drying


Industrial Uses 

LPG powers a vast range of economically and environmentally responsible machinery. It is used in space and process heating, powering industrial ovens, food productionm kilns, furnaces, production of packing material as well as powering forklift trucks in warehouses. Common industrial uses for LPG are:

  • Metal Processing - heat treatments to meet the demands of highly specialized metals 
  • Ceramic - LPG is one of the best choices of energy for products made of clay because clay requires high heating value in order to be hard and solid. LPG also provides clean combustion that is easy to control. 
  • Food processing - Because of its clean burning properties. LPG is used in bakeries and other food processing units because it will not expose the foods to the risk of contamination. 
  • Textile - In the textile industry, LPG is used in the heating of the bath (cleaning, bleaching and dyeing), ironing, and drying thread. 
  • Printing - LPG is used in the manufacture of pulp, paper and carboard, and color printing. It is favourable because of its modular heating, easy regulation of output, cleanliness and environmental care. 
  • Chemical production - LPG is recommended over steam boilers especially in heat exchangers 


Agricultural Uses 

  • LPG is used in a variety of agricultural processes but mostly in the production of heat and as a fuel. Below are some of the areas where LPG is used:
  • Green house heating 
  • Crop drying 
  • Poultry rearing
  • Waste incineration 
  • Flame weeding 
  • Distillation 



In the mining industry, LPG is a well adapted source of energy because it is mobile hence it is capable for mobile storage and onsie transport possibility. It is commonly used in cement worksm bitumen crating and road lining.