Mobile Total Gaz


Total Kenya Ltd is a leading oil marketer in Kenya which markets Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG) for both the consumer and industrial markets under the brand name TOTALGAZ whose brand motto is: trusted, safe and reliable. Totalgaz is marketed in five different pack sizes; 3kg, 6kg, 13kg, 22.5kg, 50 kg cylinder sizes and onsite cylinder installation for bulk customers like institutions and industries. Totalgaz is filled and distributed from three ISO 9000 certified depots in Nairobi, Mombasa and Kisumu to clients or Total Service Stations or reseller and independent dealer outlets. 


Total Kenya Limited has a service station network of over 174 stations that are strategically located countrywide and are actually the main distribution outlets for bottled LPG. This network is however supplemented by a wide channel of Totalgaz resellers and distributors who are located in different estates around the country and in places where Total Service Stations are not located. These distributors have immensly contributed to easy accessibility of Totalgaz just by their presence in remote locations and their innovation of service delivery for instance home delivery services. With this wide physical presence, Total Kenya recommends that customers should only purchase Totalgaz from our service stations and/or appointed distributors and resellers. 


Totalgaz Offering

Depending on the type of the customer, Total Kenya supplies LPG in bottled form or bulk installations. 


Bottled LPG

This is LPG that has been packaged in cylinders and is mainly targeted at household consumers and small businesses. Totalgaz cylinders are usually protected against corrosion and are subjected to strict checks at each refill. These checks are done at the LPG depots in Mombasa and Nairobi. If a cylinder is found to be unfit for carrying LPG gas it is usually taken to the supplier for reconfiguration or used as scrap metal. Below is the range of Totalgaz cylinders:


  • The 3-kg range is mostly used for lighting as well as cooking.
  • The 6-kg range can be used for cooking and lighting. This range was introduced to make gas affordable to the lower income groups in the market.
  • The 13 kg range is best for domestic use, while the 22.5 and 50 kg ranges are suitable for restaurants, hotels and industrial usage.


LPG in Bulk 

Totalgaz in bulk is the most effective solution for larger users who have high consumption rate. Bulk storage tanks are usually installed at the customer site then supply of LPG is done on a milk run basis or upon the customer's request by the use of specialized LPG truck cariers called LPG bullets.


The tanks are of various sizes and are available depending on the customer requirements. Usually, the tanks are maintained by the customer or at the cost of the customer but Total Kenya provides the technical personnel or consultation on safety and tank installation process. There are a few factors that affect the size of the tank:

  • The estimated customer consumption
  • Accessibility to the installation and the required frequency of delivery
  • The physical constraints imposed by the site