How to Apply for a B.V Card

Mobile Type of BV Card

 We have three types of applications; New client application, Existing client application and application for a replacement card. 


New Client Application  

Are you applying for the B.V card for the very first time. Below are the requirements for owning one; 

1. Provide a copy of identification (National I/D or Passport) and PIN certificate.

2. Complete and sign  the below official forms :

     Card Order Form

     General conditions of Membership
3. Attach a payment of Kes. 1000 per card for the card fees. (Cash/Cheque deposit slip or Cheque)
4. Send all the above documents and payment to the card centre. Original slips of payments must be        presented to the card centre.


Existing Client Application 

Are you an existing client and you need additional cards? All you need is; 

  • Complete and sign the order form below (link of card order form) and then send it to the card centre with an instruction to create the card, OR
  • Log into the Total Extranet account and apply for your new card. 


Please note: The charge for the application of the extra card is 1000/=. For post paid clients, this amount will be included in the bill. For a prepaid client, a proof of payment for the same (bank slip or cheque) must accompany the application. 


Replace your lost or expired B.V Card 

If you have lost your B.V card or your card has expired, all you need to do is to send an email or a letter to the card centre instructing them to replace the card. 


To Note: The replacement period for the card is 3 days and a replacement card costs 500/=. These charges are charged to the monthly bill for the post paid clients but prepaid clients have to pay for the replacement through the provided options below.


Payment options

1. Cash deposit slip

2. Cheque deposit slip

3. Cheque

4. Bank transfer

5. Mpesa


CARD FEES sent through M-Pesa - Customer must send an email to the indicating that card fees have been paid using MPesa.